Mazda Motorsports Skyactiv-D Diesel-Powered Racers Failed to Complete Rolex 24 at Daytona

If you watched the Rolex 24 at Daytona over the weekend, you watched one of the most famous 24 hour endurance races to be held in the United States. This is the first race ever to have the new GX class for vehicles that run alternative power plants. Mazda had three Mazda6 sedans in the race that were powered by diesel engines.

Perhaps most interesting part about these diesel-powered racecars is that the four-cylinder turbo diesel engines used over 60% stock components including a stock engine block in stock head. Sadly for Mazda, none of the three vehicles completed the grueling 24-hour race. Two of the diesel-powered racecars dropped out with engine damage.

The turbodiesel engines used in the racecars are 2.2-liter versions of production engines that will be available in the production vehicle line in the middle of the year. The engine produces 400 HP and 445 pound-for torque using twin turbos in racing trim. While the racecars look similar to production counterparts, other than the engine there’s nothing similar.

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