Tesla CEO Continues to Hammer NYT over Model S Report

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the New York Times continue to go round and round with Musk alleging that a recent report of the Model S was faked and the New York Times continue to assert that the review was factual. Musk has provided logs from the vehicle that he feels prove that the New York Times writer behind the wheel of the vehicle, John Broder, faked some his findings put down in the story.

The row stems from Broder testing the Model S electric car on a trip from Washington DC to Connecticut. Rather than being a specific review of the vehicle, the test was more geared towards trying out two sets of high-speed charging stations that Tesla has installed in Newark, Delaware in Milford Connecticut. The stations are space 200 miles apart for people traveling between Washington and Boston.

Broder set off on a cold day and the crux of his report was that the vehicle failed to make the distance between the two charging stations. Broder claims that he fully charge the vehicle and drove conservatively. Musk on the other hand says that the vehicle logs show the battery was charged full capacity and that the driver took a detour further depleting the cars battery.

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