Nissan Note Is the First Car to Use Nissan's Safety Shield Technology

Nissan has unveiled a rather interesting looking small car called the Note. All the cars new, Nissan is taking the time to talk more about the technology inside the car than the vehicle itself. The Note will be the first Nissan to use the company’s new Safety Shield technology and Around You Monitor.

The system uses four cameras located on each side of the vehicle and an LCD display on the dash to show a view of what’s going on all around the car. The idea is that having the screen will help drivers avoid pedestrians and other automobiles.

The Note also has a number of other technologies that make up Safety Shield including blind spot warning, lane departure warning, and moving object detection. All this technology helps drivers beware of other vehicles even if they can’t see them physically. There’s no indication of when the No will launch or if it will be coming to the United States.

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