Official Jeep Twitter Account Gets Hacked

The official Twitter account for Jeep was hacked recently and defaced with various silly messages and images. The person who hacked the account changed the Jeep logo for Cadillac logo and replaced the page’s background with what may be the ugliest McDonald’s themed donk in existence.

The hacker or hackers posted to the account telling followers of the feed that Cadillac purchased Jeep because Jeep employees were caught taking pain pills in the bathroom. I’m sorry, but at least this hacker had a sense of humor. At some point in the feed the person who hacked the account said that Twitter users @LILINTERNET, @DFNTSC, and @GUHTI_were responsible.

It seems that Twitter responded by suspending the @GUHTI_twitter account. @LILINTERNET responded to the accusation stating that he/she wasn’t involved in the hacking and [email protected]_ and wrote, “I DID HOWEVER LOL AND LOL AND LOL AND LOL AND LOL. THANK U.” Internet gangsters, we haz them.

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