NHTSA Probes Stalling Issue for Some Ford Cars

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced it will be conducting a probe on some vehicles produced by Ford. According to the federal agency it will be investigating engine problems on as many as 725,000 recent model Ford vehicles. The problem that will be investigated could cut engine power at highway speed.

The federal agency says that vehicles affected include 2009 through 2011 Escape and Mercury Mariner SUVs. The probe will also look at Ford fusion and Mercury Milan vehicles of the same model range. The NHTSA and Ford claim that nearly 1500 complaints related to the problem have been reported. Three crashes from the issue have been reported and one person was injured.

Ford maintains that no deaths have been reported due to the problem. In this instance, the engines don’t stop running but switch suddenly into a reduced power limp mode that feels to the driver that the engine stalled. The problem was blamed on faulty parts provided by Delphi.

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