Nissan GT-R Track Edition Pricing Gets Official

One of the best sports cars pound for pound in the world comes from Nissan and is called the GT-R. The car has been around for a long time offering all wheel drive and performance on par with many super exotic cars a fraction of the cost. Naturally, when we talking about super exotic cars are expensive machines and the GT-R costs around $100,000 in base form.

Nissan announced a special GT-R Track Edition for 2014 not long ago. What Nissan been announced at the time was exactly how much the vehicle would cost. That official pricing for this limited edition 2014 GT-R Track Edition has now been announced.

I People with enough scratch in the bank account can order the vehicle for $116,710 including the $1000 destination charge. The vehicle $6410 more expensive than the high-end GT-R Black Edition. The upgraded Track Version of the car gets brake cooling, special tracking suspension, and higher spring rates among other things. Nissan will produce only 150 of the vehicles for the US market.

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