Fisker Karmas Can Be Converted to V-8 Power for about $90,000

Automaker Fisker is no more, but there are some owners out there who purchased the vehicles before the company went bankrupt. A company called VL Conversions is currently working to convert Karmas that were originally powered by Fisker’s hybrid system to conventional General Motors V-8 engines.

When converted to V-8 power, the car is known as the Destino . The conversion is far from cheap with a price paid to be between $85,000 and $90,000. The vehicles are being converted by former GM executive Bob Lutz and partner Gilbert Villarreal.

The duo believes that just because Fisker went kaput, their company providing conversions can still work. According to Lutz, the company has received hundreds of inquiries from owners of the Karma interested in the V-8 conversion. Lutz also said that his company obtained 20 Karma vehicles that didn’t have batteries or the electronic powertrain before Fisker’s bankruptcy.

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