Justin Bieber blasts through 6 speed cameras in Dubai

Justin Bieber was in the UAE recently for a concert tour and caused six speed cameras to go off while driving his Lamborghini Aventador down Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

Apparently the popstar was late for a concert and thought it right to speed down a public road wrecklessly endagering not only himself but the public as well to make it on time for his concert. Bieber was able to rack up 6 moving violations due to his speed stunt according to Dubai Police. The local authorities claim they tried to “stop” Bieber but to no avail.

Bieber is trying to win his fans hearts over by admitting he was late for a concert in Dubai and didnt want to disappoint his fans by not performing on time.

Whats strange is that Dubai recently has increased its protocol of police cars with hypercars such as the Aston One-77 and a Lamborghini Aventador of its own which are more than capable of stopping Bieber’s Aventador. Why they weren’t used to stop someone that clearly had no respect for the rules of the road is unknown.

It seems that being a celebrity does have it’s perks but to what cost? Next Mr. Bieber you want to have thrill ride, do it at your own risk and not of the innocent people around you.

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