Costco Offers the Most Epic F1 Simulator in History

We can be honest with each other in the fact that while we love cars, the cars we truly love we will never get to drive or own. That means for the most of is the only place were to ever get race a Ferrari or Formula One car will be in a video game.

If you’re serious about your racing simulations, Costco has what may be the most awesome racing simulator ever created. This simulator is a full-size Formula One racing simulator with a wraparound screen that actually looks like a Formula One car. Of course, if you can afford this racing simulator you can also afford to buy your own Ferrari because it costs $115,000.

The simulator is powered by a Intel Core i7 powered computer with 16 GB of RAM and three 23-inch TFT LCD displays. The simulator also has a built-in 5.1 surround sound system. The Formula One car that houses the computer is actually made from carbon fiber and other materials you would find in real racing car. Even though the car cost $115,000 it doesn’t appear to support anything particularly cool such as force feedback or motion feedback.

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