Honda Offers Factory Performance Package on V6 Accord Coupe

Honda has announced a new limited edition Honda Factory Performance Package that is available only on the Accord coupe featuring a V-6 engine. The package is known as HFP for short and is available as of today at select dealerships in the US. Honda promises that the HFP package adds enhanced vehicle dynamics and styling to the Accord.

The HFP package gives a sport suspension system and 19-inch summer compound tires. Honda promises that not only will drivers feel more confident and stable with the HFP package, but it will allow the vehicle to go around the track faster than the vehicle can stock.

Other features of the HFP package include a deck lid spoiler, the special sport suspension lowers the car by 15 mm, and the package includes front, side, and rear underbody spoilers. The package also features red interior illumination, HFP floor mats, and HFP badges. Only 500 examples of the HFP package will be sold on the 2013 Accord V6 and the package costs $4620 plus installation.

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