Audi Reaches 1.5 Million Unit Sales Target Two Years Early

Audi is the luxury brand owned by the Volkswagen auto group. Audi has a sales goal of reaching 1.5 million vehicles yearly by 2015. Volkswagen is now saying that Audi would hit that sales target of 1.5 million cars during 2013.

That means the Audi brand is reaching its goal two years early. One fact that’s helped Audi reach its goal so early is strong deliveries in China and the United States. Audi increased sales for the first half of 2013 by 6.4% growing to 780,500 units.

That puts Audi only 24,000 units behind segment leader BMW. Audi is currently the world’s second-largest premium automaker and Audi wants reach 2 million unit sales by 2020. If it can reach that goal it will become the world’s largest luxury automaker.

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