James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine Is Still Awesome

Growing up in the 80s, Roger Moore was James Bond for me much more than Sean Connery ever was. Hands down my favorite childhood Bond film was The Spy Who Love Me. I love the white Lotus Esprit the Bond drove in the film and when it went crashing water and turned into a submarine I was definitely a Bond fan for life. I always figured there were some good stories to be told about the filming of that movie, and as it turns out there were.

The film used a pair of Esprits with one acting as a camera car. The third vehicle was turned into a submarine for that iconic underwater scene by company in Florida called Perry Submarines. The Lotus submarine could reportedly do 15 kn underwater and had no provisions for rear thrust meaning it couldn’t slowdown.

If you’re a fan of James Bond and the Lotus Esprit, this is a good read giving some details about the film and how the submarine car came to be. You can read all about the filming and the special Lotus here.

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