Honda recalls 143,000 Fit Hatchbacks Due to Fire Risk

Honda announced last week that it would be recalling 143,000 Fit hatchbacks due to a problem with the window switch that could lead to a fire. Honda says that it is issuing a voluntary recall that covers 143,083 Fit hatchbacks produce between 2007 and 2008. The recall has to do with a master power window switch that can be exposed to water or other liquids.

Honda fears that over time exposure to liquid can cause the switch to over heat, melt, and possibly start a fire. Honda says that no accidents or injuries have been reported as a result of this problem. This recalls the second for the same Honda Fit models since January 2010.

The first recall for the same issue was expected to fix the potential for fire. However, Honda says that in determine the initial recall was not “sufficiently robust.” The last recall for the issue was made in 2010 and necessary repairs will be made at no cost.

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