TVR to Launch a Two-Car Range by 2015

Not too long ago word surfaced that a British man had purchased the rights to TVR. TVR was a British performance car brand that ultimately went out of business. The refreshed TVR will feature a two-car range promising to be “entirely in character” of the cars the TVR was making a decade ago under previous owner Peter Wheeler.

The chairman of TVR is Les Edgar, a millionaire who led an investor group that purchased the TVR name, design rights, and assets. Edgar says that TVR plans to start by launching a car of its own design and will soon after the first model launches bring a second model to market.

The company plans to sell cars in a price range of £50k to £80k. Edgar believes that the closest rival to the new TVR’s will be secondhand Aston Martins. The new TVR plans to pick up where Wheeler left off with front engine rear wheel drive models that are fast and sound good.

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