Cadillac Abandons Plans for $100,000 Sedan

General Motors had plans to introduce a new high-end Cadillac sedan costing in the area of six figures. The first glimpse at some of the styling cues for this vehicle came in the form of the Ciel open air concept that debuted in 2011. GM has now announced that it has decided to ditch plans for the ultraluxury sedan.

The tip comes from three insiders claiming to be familiar with GM’s plans. According to this trio, executives decided that the rear wheel drive car didn’t offer enough brand building prowess to justify the investment. Designers were reportedly recently taken off the program and reassigned. GM will reportedly continue with plans to develop a large rear wheel drive sedan to match up against the Mercedes-Benz S class and BMW 7 series.

That particular Cadillac sedan will be based on a new rear wheel drive platform called Omega. The vehicle is expected to launch in 2016 or 2017 according to sources. Apparently, the $100,000 Caddy wasn’t different enough from the large rear wheel drive sedan the produced so it was abandoned.

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