Man creates 1961 Aston Martin via 3-D Printer

A man from New Zealand has dreamed most of his life of owning a 1961 series II Aston Martin DB4. The problem is that he doesn’t make the kind of money required to actually purchase the vehicle, which sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Since he can’t own the real thing, he has taken it upon himself to build his own 3-D printed Aston Martin.

The man is building a replica of the car using a Solidoodle desktop 3-D printer. The small printer can only print sections measuring 105 mm x 105 mm in size. He is printing out these individual sections and then gluing them together on a wooden jig he created.

The man says that once he creates the 3-D printed shell for the car, he will then make a fiberglass mold. He says he’s about 72% finished creating the plug that he’ll use to create the fiberglass mold. He plans to use the running gear from a 1993 Nissan Skyline GTS.

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