Godzilla going for the record!

Nissan has set it sights high with the Nismo (Nissan Motorsport) GT-R. The car which is to be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show will become the fastest accelerating production according to Japanese automaker. AutoExpress cites a source from the Goodwood Festival of Speed the new tuned GT-R will break the 0-60mph barrier in around 2.0 seconds. 

This would make the Nismo GT-R undoubtedly the fastest accelerating car in the world beating the almighty Bugatti Veyron Super Sport as well as featherweight track day cars such as the Ariel Atom V8.

The increase in performance will come from a boost from the twin-turbo V6 as well as a lighter bodyweight mix, expect carbon fibre to be involved. 

The Nismo GT-R is being developed with the help of British company William Advanced Engineering, the team that helped develop the Juke Nismo. AutoExpress quotes and engineer from WAE as saying that the GT-R had great room for expansion even after considering that a GT-R is tuned to it’s maximum potential. This allows for easy gains to performance the engineer said.

The usual treatment of upgrades will be given to the GT-R with tradition of Nismo. This will be evident with a different exhaust system and similiar tweaks to engine parts as well as red trim used in and around the car.

Nissan hasn’t released an offical spec sheet so it is difficult as to say what the Nismo GT-R would cost but expect something in the neighbourhood of $150,000.

Nismo chief product specialist Hiroshi Tamura told Auto Express at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed: “Nismo was for petrolheads, but now has wider accessibility. Nismo is very much driven by customer demand so if they want diesels, why not?”

Tamura wouldn’t confirm a Nismo diesel version of the new Golf rival, but said: “We’re looking to satisfy people who’ve grown up tuning performance cars in Gran Turismo.”

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