Radical RXC is at Home on the Road or the Track

Radical makes some interesting cars that were designed specifically to be driven at track days and at times on the street. Radical has unveiled a new car called the RXC that it says is the result of 3 1/2 years of design and development. The company wants the car to be the world’s most extreme road legal coupe.

The car is designed to bring a taste of Le Mans to the road. Radical says that the RXC is a clean sheet design with only a handful of components carried over from the existing range of vehicles. Everything from the chassis and suspension to the new V-6 engine and seven-speed gearbox was developed specifically for the RXC.

The car has carefully balanced aerodynamics generating 900 kg of over and underbody downforce equaling the car’s mass at speed. The vehicle has an adjustable wing on the back with different available angles to suit different tracks. The engine is a Ford Duratec 37 Ti-VCT engine is optimized for power and performance. Radical says the vehicle can also be fitted with a 480 hp version of its 3.0-liter V8.

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