Datsun unveils the new Datsun GO+ in Indonesia

You may recall a few months ago we mentioned that Nissan was reviving the Datsun brand sell very cheap vehicles in some areas of Asia. A new Datsun vehicle has now been unveiled in Indonesia called the Datsun GO+.

The vehicle is a 5+2 MPV designed specifically to accommodate entire family in one vehicle. The vehicle features the optional Datsun Mobile Docking Station to allow the charging of smartphones while driving the vehicle.

The MPV uses a 1.2-liter engine in a five-speed manual transmission with tuning for fuel efficiency and acceleration. The vehicle is 3995 mm long by 1635 mm wide and 1485 mm high and the wheelbase is 2450 mm. Pricing is unknown at this time and the vehicle is expected to be offered in the US.

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