Mitsubishi Plans Three World Premieres at Tokyo Motor Show

Mitsubishi has announced that its intending to unveil three cars for the first time anywhere at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show this year. The three concepts include the Mitsubishi Concept GC-PHEV, Concept XR-PHEV, and Concept AR.

The GC-PHEV is a next-generation full-size SUV with a plug-in hybrid electric system. The vehicle will have all will control and all-terrain capability. The XR-PHEV is a next-generation compact SUV featuring a lightweight and efficient PHEV system to increase performance.

The final concept cars the Concept AR and is a next-generation compact multipurpose vehicle combining the mobility of an SUV with the occupant space of a MPV with the occupant space of a MPV. More details on the vehicles should be offered when the Tokyo motor show kicks off.

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