2015 Mini Cooper to Get New Driver Assist Technology

Some details have leaked about the 2015 Mini Cooper and the driver assist technologies that will be coming with it. Most of the new driving technologies will come directly from BMW and are expected to eventually expand to the entire Mini line. The vehicle will have a camera mounted in front of the rear view mirror and will bring with it a collision and pedestrian warning system.

The system will automatically engage brakes at speeds of up to 35 mph. The camera will also be used in the adaptive cruise control and high beam assist systems. The adaptive cruise control working speeds ranging from 20 to 85 mph allowing the system to automatically regulate the distance between vehicles in front of the Mini.

The car will also get a new heads-up display featuring a small folding display unit mounted between the windshield and steering wheel. The screen will offer speed limits and navigation props. The car will also get a rearview camera and parking assistance system.

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