Bismoto Engineering Shows off 2014 Honda Odyssey Van with 1029 HP

SEMA has officially kicked off in Las Vegas and one of the craziest concept cars we’ve seen so far is in the Honda booth and comes from Bismoto Engineering. The company created a Honda Odyssey minivan producing a massive 1029 hp. The engine under the hood of the van has been massively reworked with custom internals and twin turbochargers.

The Van runs on racing fuel and has a wealth of chassis and suspension modifications. The outside of vthe vehicle has also been changed to improve looks. There’s no word on how much torque this thing produces but with twin turbos and that much horsepower the number has to be huge.

I wonder if you can actually put your foot in the paddle without destroying the transmission. This man might be the ultimate sleeper you would never expect a minivan the packet 1029 hp.

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