Ford Shows off Modified Fiestas at SEMA

Ford is showing off several customized Fiesta automobiles at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. The Fiesta seen in the picture customize by Ice Nine Group and is designed to resemble a rally car. The car features a custom body kit and custom paint along with custom wheels and lots more.

As part of a tie up with the people behind the Forza Motorsport 5 video game, MRT created a custom Fiesta ST for the show. The car gets a special paint job along with a modified suspension with H&R coilover shocks, upgraded brakes, and a new exhaust. It also has a intercooler from COBB Tuning.

COBB Tuning also unveiled a cool Fiesta St in association with Tanner Faust Racing. It is heavily modified and has an interesting pixelated looking paint scheme. The Fiesta St is a nice platform for modifications and performance.

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