Palatov Motorsport and Sector 111 Team for 1600lb V8 Track Car

There is no shortage of cars on the market in the US an abroad that are designed mostly for driving on the racetrack. Some of these cars, like the BAC Mono, are street legal and others aren’t. Two companies have teamed up to create a track car for the US.

Those two firms are Palatov Motorsport and Sector 111. Sector 111 is the company that imports the BAC Mono to the US reports Autoblog. The two firms want to build a sports car that weighs 1800 pounds and gets power from a big V8 engine.

The engine would produce 430hp and be emissions compliant. At only 1800 pounds, 430 hp would make for impressive performance. There is no indication of when this car might see streets or what it might cost.

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