Toyota shows off sexy FT-1 concept car in Detroit

I like a good concept car as good as the next guy and Toyota has unveiled a cool one at the Detroit Auto Show. The car is called the Toyota FT-1 Concept and it promises to set the pace for the future design direction of Toyota. Some speculation suggests that this might be the next Supra.

The car is a front engine, real-wheel drive unit with a cockpit moved as far forward as possible for weight distribution. It has a highly sculpted design that promises to be functional. Presumably, that means the body creates down force.

Toyota has offered no specifications along with the concept car. That means there is no indication of what engine is under the hood or what sort of performance it would offer. If it is the Supra, it would likely have a turbo 6-cylinder like previous versions of the car. The car will be available to drive in Gran Turismo.

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