Secret Audit found Baltimore speed cameras collected $2.8 million in bogus tickets

Speed cameras are in use in many cities around the country to catch speeders. These cameras will snap a picture of your car and mail you a ticket in the mail. The cameras in Baltimore are working over time and issues about 700,000 tickets in 2012 reports the Baltimore Sun.

The problem was that an internal audit conducted by the city found that the cameras were at times horribly inaccurate. According to the audit, the camera network in the city had an error rate of around 10% while the city claimed it was about one quarter of a percent.

The city Council of Baltimore as reportedly angry that they weren’t notified of the audit and its results. I expect we will hear of many suits against the City of Baltimore soon.

“It’s outrageous. No, it’s beyond outrageous,” said City Councilman Carl Stokes, who has been calling on the city to release the audit. “Who ever heard of a secret audit? We should have told the public immediately. We should have declared complete amnesty, that all of the tickets were null and void. If anybody paid, they should be paid back.”

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