VW Taigun SUV concept makes its Asian debut

VW has made the official Asian debut for one of its new concept cars in New Delhi this week. The car is called the Taigun and it is a concept SUV. The car is compact and has a 110PS turbo engine. It is designed to deliver performance and consume only 4.1L of fuel per 100km.

The Taigun is 3859mm long, 1728mm wide, and 1570mm tall. The little turbo engine displaces only 1L and promises a range of 1000km for the vehicle. The car can reach 100kph in 9.2 seconds making for decent performance.

The engine is mated with a 6-speed manual transmission. The concept has 17-inch wheels and a very attractive overall design on the inside and out. There is no indication of when or if the Taigun will come to market.

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