Lamborghini Crash due to Owner’s Fault

Lamborghini crash took place near George Washington Bridge. The crash and burn incident of an expensive Lamborghini left the cops in a daze as they carried out the search operation for the perpetrator. 

Soon they had the owner in their custody. He turned out to be a Palisades Park denizen who was a mature adult. He was responsible for leaving the sports car in its dilapidated condition. 

He will be making an appearance in a court soon. The Lamborghini had been found engulfed in flames near the Bridge Plaza. And while the vehicle showed signs of having hit a heavy object, things were not clear as to the exact nature of the collision. 

The perpetrator of the incident was not available for comment. A truck driver, Todd Greene, has described the accident in its vivid details. He said that the Lamborghini sped past his truck in high speed. And the next thing he knew was that various parts were seen by him coming his way. 

“By the time I got to the other side, I was running over car parts in the roadway and I saw the wreck,” Greene said. Finally, he saw the airbag inflate and a person helping the driver out of the burning vehicle. 

The truck driver has given evidence as to the high class of the Lamborghini. “It was a pretty nice car,” he said. “It looked like a new one.”

It must have been bought for approximately $330,000. The damaged Lamborghini was given back to the driver ultimately and its whereabouts are not known anymore. 

Such irresponsibility shows that people nowadays have no sense of owning up to the mess they make. The owner could have informed the authorities or even waited it out till the cops reached the spot. 

But he chose to abandon his burning vehicle which was a hazard. He will be facing a tough time in court now. The punishment he gets for his gross irresponsibility and lack of maturity will be exemplary. It will ensure that such an incident never occurs again.    

Source: NorthJersey

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