GM recalls 64,000 Chevrolet Volts because of Carbon Monoxide Risk

General Motors has decided that they will recall 64,000 Chevrolet Volts from the year 2011-13. They have recalled the cars for a software update so that they limit how long the cars can be left idling. 

This is a move by the company so that they can prevent CO buildup when the driver forgets to shut off the car. GM even gave a statement to Automotive News and they said two people were injure because of this problem and that is why they have decided to recall the cars. 

It has not been the first time GM has recalled its cars. Some years ago it knew that some of the cars had defects and it didn’t recall the cars. Then after some years they gave a statement that they knew about the problems in their cars for over decades. 

They ended up paying a $35 million penalty. The problem in these Chevrolet Volt cars is that if the driver leaves the plug in hybrid running and if the car is in its electric mode, then that would eventually drain the battery. And consequently that will cause the gas engine to star. 

So if the gas engine runs for a long period of time and it is within an enclosed space then CO could build up. Carbon Monoxide is very dangerous for health and it is life threatening. 

So if your car keeps running in your garage and you forget about it, then the next time you go into your garage, it could be life threatening for you. The car does tell the driver if they haven’t turned off the car when the driver is exiting the vehicle. 

So the software fix will limit the time that an idle volt can be left in the start position. So according to GM this software update is very necessary and you should send back your car at once so that the new software can be installed in your car.

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