Nvidia Drive PX Makes Self-Driving Cars Smarter

At Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced the pricing and availability of the Nvidia Drive PX, a computer designed for self-driving cars. Nvidia announced Drive PX at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The development platform for Drive PX will be made available in May for $10,000 to automakers, automotive suppliers, and research institutions.

The Nvidia Drive PX is based on the company’s Tegra X1 processor. The concept is to provide a powerful computer that will make self-driving cars smarter, featuring advanced driver assistance systems, deep learning computer vision, advanced rendering, and self-parking capabilities. Nvidia’s GPU technology analyzes data from cameras and sensors on the car, in real-time. The computer has two Tegra X1 chips that deliver 2.3 teraflops of power and over 10GB of DRAM memory.

Huang shared the stage with Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, who said that Nvidia’s Tegra technology is important for the future of self-driving cars. Musk also predicted a future where self-driving cars are the standard and driven cars are being outlawed because they are too dangerous. At some point, people will no longer be trusted behind the wheel, he added. However, Musk admits that the transition will take a while. 

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