Shanghai Auto Show 2015 Exhibitors Hire Robots Instead of Sexy Models

China’s largest Auto Show opens today in Shanghai. There will be 109 world premiers at the show, but the biggest attention so far gotten reports about new regulations that ban scantily dressed models from the show floor. Chinese authorities are cracking down on the sexy models and enforce rules on exhibitors to cover up their hostesses.

There are still beautiful women at hand to present the new cars, they are dressed business smart. Audi even went a step further and hired a robot to unveil the new Audi Q7 etron. Audi might be on to something. The political correct way to present new products in the future will be by using robots. Nobody will be able to complain about that, besides the models that are out of a job.

Reuters report contains though hope that this is just a fad. Johney Zheng, president of Esee model agency said: “I think in one or two years, things will return to normal.”

The China Auto 2015 show has a general exhibition area of over 350,000sqm. The Auto Shanghai 2015 has attracted the active participation of around 2,000 domestic and international exhibitors from 18 countries and regions. Up to 1,343 complete vehicles will be on display at the show, including 109 world first issue cars.

The Auto Shanghai 2015 show is open today and tomorrow for press only. On April 22 to April 24 are professional days and April 25 to April 29 are public days.


Originally posted in 14u News

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