Elon Musk Nearly Sold Tesla to Google in 2013

Bloomberg seems to have revealed a side of Tesla which nobody had ever seen before. In our eyes, Tesla has always been the independent and self-sufficient car maker but we didn’t have a clue what was going on behind the closed doors. According to some sources cited by Bloomberg, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was in midst of a deal with Google. What was the deal about you ask? The deal which was almost secured back in 2013 would sell Tesla to Google.

This was the time when the auto manufacturer was stooping down to a level it wasn’t accustomed to. Sales were moving down badly and Tesla was even forced to close down its factory. A deal with a giant as Google seemed like the perfect opportunity to save the company. This, however, didn’t mean Tesla’s end completely because the deal stated that CEO Elon Musk would retain control for the next eight years or at least until the time when Tesla’s mainstream electric car (the Model 3) was on the road.

The deal, fortunately, couldn’t see its final destination because surprisingly Tesla pulled itself through and became successful once again. Closing down Model S sales was a smart move by the company and it saved the further failure and hence eliminated the need for any outside savior.

Apparently this is a rumor because no comments have come around from both the sides and Google chief Larry Page, who was the main pen on the deal, put down all rumors to rest when he stated that Google is far away from knowing any auto manufacturer.


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