Apple wants BMW i3 as basis for Apple Car

Apple is working on a car project. This is pretty much confirmed by the hundreds of hires of car people. Just earlier this week a former Chrysler senior VP joined Apple.

The Cupertino consumer electronics giant keeps the car project absolutely secret and so far only the project name Titan has surfaced.

German Manager Magazine reports in its latest issue that Apple is in negotiations with BMW to use the BMW i3 electric car as basis for an Apple Car.

Apple and BMW have supposed met already back in fall of 2014 to discuss a deal with no result.

Tim Cook has visited the i3 production line in Leibzig. Sounds more like high-end industry spying.

Apple and BMW are supposed to have agreed to stay in touch.

The i3 is the most ugly BMW to date and it’s low sales numbers reflect that. The i3 gets drivers 150km on a charge. A Tesla Model S can has a range almost 3 times of that of a BMW i3.

This is not the first time a report alleged that Apple and BMW met to discuss a BMW i3 deal. Back in March German newspaper reported the same thing.

We believe though that Apple will go alone in the end. If Tesla can pull it off to make a car from scratch so can Apple.

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