10 Improvements Found in 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Mazda has impressed the automobile experts with its Miata. The company has reduced the weight of the new car and has also improved its mileage. The 2016 Mazda Miata MX-5 roadster has been given many new features and much better performance.

The new model, 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata, is also a lot smaller than the previous one but it is much more capacious. The engineers have put in a lot of hard work and have come out with a great car. They have been capable of improving the design aspects and even the style of the new model. 

The new model weighs 150 pounds less than the previous model and has six-speed manual and the automatic transmission of the model offers the drivers an easy ride. However the Miata MX-2015 has slightly lower horsepower from the 1.5 liter engine.

Rod McLaughlin, Mazda’s North American vehicle line manager while announcing the launch stated that the Miata fans will really love the new 2016 model. Rod also stated that the Miata is the most popular and the best-selling roadster in the USA. Talking about sales he revealed that the company has made a total of 940,000 sales globally. He also added that they wanted to make the new model more aggressive then before and that they wanted to make it a little more timeless design so that it can last for years to come.

The reviews for the model are also very positive. This time around the height of the hood has also been reduced by 28mm and the driver seat is lower by 20mm as compared to the previous model. The new model also offers 12mm additional leg clearance to the driver. The manual transmission model weighs2332 pounds while the automatic transmission model of the car weighs 2381 pounds, according to NYCity.today.

Moreover the drivers who are looking to purchase the Club version of the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata will get stiffer suspension springs but the same size anti-roll bars as other trim levels.

interesting feature of the car is that the Miata’s 6 speed top gear has a 1:1 ratio because the lack of a gearing change saves a minute amount of friction which basically leads to the improvement of highway fuel efficiency. Plus the final drive ration is an unusually tall 2.866:1 and the first gear ration is 5.0871:1.

Now if you remember the Mazda RX-8 which was the first Mazda car to use electric power steering, the Miata will also be using the electric power steering. The model will be having a rack-mount assist system has allowed the engineers to improve the steering feedback of the model.

Another feature for the drivers of the new model is that the Club and Grand Touring versions of the Miata have speakers in the seat headrest. So when the driver receives a call through Bluetooth its audio only plays through the driver’s headrest speakers. Well according to the engineers this feature has been added in order to make it easier for the drivers to hear callers if the car’s top is down and this means that the passenger won’t be able to listen to the caller.

The new Miata also has a 2.0 liter Skyactiv inline-four engine which is the same once that is available in the Mazda3 compact. The engine is also exposed to a metal valve cover which is quite heavier than the plastic cover that is used on other Mazda’s. However the look of this metal cover engine is much better than the plastic cover one, according to Automobilemag.com

Another feature about the new model will make all the racers out there really happy as Mazda is also providing the 2016 MX-5 Miata Cup car which will come fitted complete with a full roll cage and fire-suppression system. The company has stated that 100 cars will be built in the first year of production and half of these will be for the US market.

Plus the MX-5 Miata Cup is a stock car as the drivers are allowed some modifications such as cold-air intakes and Mazdaspeed exhaust headers. Apart from this the 2.0 liter four-cylinder is locked to prevent any internal tampering.  Plus a second Sparco racing seat can be fitted into the right side of the MX-5 Cup’s bare floor if the driver wants to.

However air conditioning even though the controls are shown will not be installed or even available as an option for the drivers. Plus nor is a roof nor are windows added to the car. Mazda will also be painting the car just white in order for the race teams to wrap the vehicles in their own liveries. (www.caranddriver.com)

Now after explaining all the new features and details of the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata we come to the car’s most important feature, the price. Well the basic model the Mazda 2016 Miata Sport will cost $24,915. On the other hand the Club model of the car will come for $28,600. Now talking about the most expensive Miata we come to Grand Touring which is priced at $30,065.

Mazda has basically added smart keyless entry, black leather interiors, rain sensing wipers, blind spot warnings and many other additional features. Apart from the price of the car Mazda also charges additional $860 in handling charges. The company is very hopeful that the new model of Miata will get a positive response from the consumers. Mazda is ready with its first shipment and has already started to take orders. 

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