Volkswagen 2016 to Offer Crash Avoidance System

On Wednesday Volkswagen announced it will soon be offering a car crash avoidance system in car models supplied to the US. The senior engineer for Volkswagen Michael Rohlfs announced the news in a presentation to journalists.

The crash avoidance system by the number one automaker in the world will consist of automatic brakes in addition to other features working towards avoiding a car crash, according to Reuters.

The crash avoidance system will be available as a standard or optional feature in the upcoming 2016 models available in the US. The crash avoidance system will consist of sensors which will automatically stop a car when it senses an incoming crash.

The car will be able to stop by itself at even 18 miles per hour and at higher speeds the vehicle will be slowed down automatically but not stop completely.  

The system will also direct drivers to remain in their lanes and maintain a safety distance behind other vehicles on the road. Additionally Volkswagen will also include technology to automate steering into parallel lane and backing in perpendicular parking in all of its coming car models. Initially the safety measure may cost customers an additional $1500. 

In 2015 Volkswagen remains at the top in the car industry having sold the most cars in the world. However staying on top may be critical therefore the company is releasing all these new safety measures in their cars to further boost the sales, especially in the US. 

According to Volkswagen the company is even working on collision avoidance technology at its Silicon Valley research facility. Volkswagen has also added safety and convenience software’s such as Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto Smartphone by Google into its models.  

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