The Youxia X doesn't Look Like a Tesla Model S when its red K.I.T.T. Lights are On

Finally a geek gets it right. 28-year-old founder of Chinese Youxia combined a modern electric car with the 80s features of K.I.T.T., the robot car from the cult series Knight Rider.

The Youxia X get introduced this week in China. It is a sedan like the Tesla’s Model S and the front is very similar. The head and tail lights are though very different. 

Sure you could say that the Youxia X is a knock-off, but you also can argue against it given the similarity of car designs in the entire industry.

The Youxia X totally changes its look when the red LED lights appear in the front grill inspired by the car from Knight Rider. Tesla Motors should look into copying that. The company is already integrating autonomous driving like K.I.T.T. could do. Why not add some visual effects?

The Youxia X is slated to begin production in 2016 and will ship in 2017 starting at $32,000. That price already includes the $14,500 green car subsidy offered by the Chinese government. 

CarNewsChina has several photos from the presentation of the Model X. Where the company copied quite a bit from the Model S is the interior dominated by a large display. You can expect though the over-sized display to appear in future models of other car maker soon.


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