Audi OLED Tail Lights Debut at IAA 2015

Audi takes tail lights to the next level with OLED. Audi is unveiling new  new Matrix OLED lights at the IAA 2015 in September. 

OLED enables unattainable level of lighting homogeneity, opening up further creative opportunities for design.

Audi will show the first OLED tail lights in a new a concept car at the IAA.

In each OLED (organic light emitting diode) unit there are two electrodes with at least one of them being transparent. There are many thin layers of organic semiconductor materials. 

A low DC voltage  activates the layers, each of which is less than one‑thousandth of a millimeter thick, to light them. The color is based on the molecular composition of the light source.

In contrast to point light sources including LEDs, OLEDs are flat light sources. Their light attains a new level of homogeneity, and its dimming is continuously variable.

The lights do not cast any shadows and do not require any reflectors. OLED lights also don’t need light guides or similar optical components. This  makes the OLED units efficient and lightweight.OLED lights also hardly need any cooling.

Audi works on OLED turn signal and brake lights. The thin glass sheets  used today to encase the organic material will be replaced by plastic films.

The flexible substrate materials will enable three‑dimensional forming. This will open up entirely new creative spaces for designers.

The Audi Matrix OLED technology will supplement Audi’s Matrix LED and Matrix Laser technologies for headlights in future cars.

The 66th IAA Cars Show in Frankfurt, Germany opens to press on September 15, 2015. Car fans can get into the IAA 2015 starting September 17.

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