Lexus Ends Price Haggling at its Dealerships

The luxury car retailers Lexus has decided to end price negotiations. There will be no more prices haggling for cars at Lexus dealerships. The end of negotiations will take place in a pilot program. The program is supposed to make the process of buying a car simpler. 

The negotiation free car buying process will first be introduced in only 12 dealerships. The dealerships are distributed across the US. The news was confirmed by a spokesperson for Lexus to Detroit Free Press

Lexus is a luxury car range owned by Toyota. The spokesperson for Toyota Moe Durand also shared the news. According to Durand the pilot program will look at the overall car-buying trends. The program is a sort of study into the nature of haggling. 

The practice of no haggling was previously adopted by another Toyota brand Scion. Scion has been practicing no negotiations since 2003. Scion further shared most of the customers want to avoid the process of negotiations.

Scion simply provides the price of the cars and their parts. The prices of accessories are also listed by Scion. The customers can then choose which car or accessories they want. The process is also in effect on the website Some customers simply state their prices and the most suitable options are viewed. 

Lexus has more than 235 dealerships across the country. According to Durand the pilot program may take several months. Then from the results Lexus will decide if they want to apply it in their dealerships all over the US. The program will simply put up simple prices. if customers don’t like the Lexus prices they can walk away. 

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