Audi A3 to Get Virtual Cockpit Next Year

Audi recently announced it will add a new cockpit to the A3 series. By next year Audi will add the virtual cockpit from Audi TT in the A3 series. The TT virtual cockpit is a sophisticated piece of technology.

The virtual cockpit has a re-configurable, all-digital instrument cluster. The technology will now also be available in more practical cars. The news was announced by Audi itself. 

Customers looking for the virtual cockpit in a simple A3 car will however be disappointed. The technology system will be added in the A3 series.

But the A3 series with the technology system will be an upgrade on the car line. The virtual cockpit was previously on available in the Audi TT and the Audi R8.  

The virtual cockpit has turned in Audi signature software. The new A3 cars with the virtual cockpit will definitely have higher engine or will be well-equipped. The customizable screen of the virtual cockpit will be a part of the A3 sedan and hatch.

According to Hudi n the future many cars will have a virtual cockpit. Audi is starting to add the cockpit in all of its cars. The start has been taken from the A3 line. 

The virtual cockpit system shows a digital replica of the traditional analog two-dial dash. Or the cockpit can be customized in multitudes of ways to deliver just about any information to the driver.

After the A3 line the A4 line by Audi is also expected to have the cockpit technology, according to Car and Driver


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