Google’s Self-Driving Cars confused by Bike Track Stands

Bikers usually use the biker stands to keep their bikes upright. Sometimes bikers use the stand t stay next to their bikes. A normal human driver will see a human biker along with their bikes and not even bink.

But if there is a Google self-driving car around then it may get a little confused. An incident recently occurred where the Google car was unable to detect a biker. In the incident the Google car was unable to determine if the biker was riding the bike or it was simply a bike. 

A biker has revealed to when he was standing at an intersection with his bike a Google car got confused. The entire incident is laugh worthy and no one was even slightly endangered.

According to the biker the Google car got so confused the car would lurch forward and then immediately hit the brakes. The activity of the car made the biker laugh out loud. The incident proves the Google cars are not equipped with handling different driving situations. 

The biker stated to Washington Post he felt more secure with a Google car than with an actual human driver. The cars by Google may not be very expert in handling traffic situations but they are making security their top priority.

Google seems excited by the information. According to Google this is the kind of Intel they had been looking for to refine its technology. The incident has shown there are a road hazards that are hard to anticipate. So the Google cars still have a long way before they become completely independent.  

Originally posted in i4u News

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