Tesla Model X Signature Series starts at $132,000

Tesla Motors is getting ready to ship the first Model X SUVs. Customers who possess and early reservation for a Model X Signature have now access to the Model X design studio.

New details about the Model X are now available thanks to the tool. The starting price for the Model X Signature is $132,000. A standard Model X is expected to be priced $25,000 lower. This number has been stated by Tesla in the recently launched referral program.

The Model X has a 240 mile range and hits 60mph in 3.8s. The electric SUV is powered by a 259hp front motor and a 503hp rear motor. The top speed is 155mph like on the Model S.

Customers can add ludicrous speed for $10,000. Ludicrous makes the Model X hit 60mph in 3.2 seconds. The Model S P85D with Ludicrous mode does 60mph in 2.8s.

Other options for the Model X include a tow package for $750 and a subzero weather package selling for $1,000.

Standard options of the Model X include Falcon Wing rear doors with sensors for opening in garages of any height, automatically retracting rear spoiler, rear accessory hitch for bike and ski carrier, maps and navigation with real time traffic, daytime running lights, power-folding and heated side mirrors, free long distance travel on Tesla supercharger network, 8 year warranty, automatic keyless entry, GPS enabled Homelink, parking sensor and blind spot warning and automatic emergency braking.

The additional options in the Signature version include Autopilot, Smart suspension with GPS memory, Ultra Hihg Fidelity Sound with satellite radio, premium interior and lighting with power liftgate, ventilated leather seats with heating and cooling, independently operable, 3-adult second row seats, flat folding, 2-adult third row.

As these features are for included in the Signature series, Tesla will offer these as optional for the standard Model X.

Tesla has not officially released the details of the Model X. 

InsideEVs has published screenshots from the Model X Design Studio.

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