New Renault Megane Coming to 2015 IAA in Frankfurt

Yesterday Renault announced it will be releasing an all new Megane. Renault will use the platform of the Frankfurt International Motor Show to reveal the car. The press release also gave a revealing glimpse into the new Megane.

The new Megane will be the fourth generation of its line. The previous model of Megane was introduced in 2008. So it’s high time a new model replaced the outing 2008 version. The new Renault Megane is set to rival cars like the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf.

All the technical details about the new Megane have not yet been revealed. The press release does show the exterior of the new car. The pictures show the new Megane has a larger footprint with a wider track. Other new features include longer wheelbase, but shorter overhangs.

The body of the new Megane has a sportier silhouette. The design comes with stylized C-shaped head- and tail lamps seen on sedans. Several variations of the new Megane model will follow. But for now Renault has only showed the standard and GT spec. 

According to the press release by Renault 20 years after the original Megane was launched they are finally reinventing the model. Renault describes the design of the new Megane as distinctive and dynamic.

The Megane will also come with 18-inch aluminium wheels. The wheels have been especially developed by the Renault Sport division. Details on the interior of the new Megane will be revealed at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. 

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