BMW Supercar might be on the way

Since the debut of the BMW i8, the idea of a mid-engined BMW supercar seemed realistic. BMW fans have been begging the company for such a car. Now all these BMW fans are going to be really happy as the supercar may be coming after all. In this matter BMW will be helped by McLaren. 

The idea of a supercar has been brought to life by the new chairman and the new M Division Boss. This idea had been in the works even before the BMW i8 had been born. BMW’s idea is to create a supercar with a carbon fiber tub.

The car would also have carried a mid-engine V8. This idea had however been squashed by the previous bosses. That is why the company came up with the BMW i8, according toBMWBlog.

Even though the i8 is impressive and fantastic to drive, it doesn’t fulfill the supercar thirst. The supercar is said to be hitting the road by 2019. The supercar will be a coupe at first with a roadster coming out later.

BMW will develop the supercar with McLaren. The British supercar company is said to be designing and developing the carbon fiber tub. Both BMW and McLaren will have their own versions of the supercar. 

BMW is said to provide the power plant. This is rumored to be a 4.0 liter V8 with four turbochargers. Two will be exhaust driven while the other two will be electrically driven. The two cars are said to look considerably different. The BMW version is said to have some unique body panels as well as a unique interior.


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