Next BMW i8 won’t be a Complete EV

People in the automaker industry feel the new BMW i8 is not viable to be called an EV. BMW on the other hand is perfectly happy with the i8. BMW has announced the new i8 will be a hybrid. It’s not completely a full battery Electric Vehicle, according to BMWBlog.

According to BMW the new BMW i8 is exactly what it needs to be. The BMW does not have any plans to change the i8 for the next generation.

The statements were given by Henrik Wenders the head of the BMW i division. BMW went to great length to achieve the current i8 design. BMW claims the new i8 design did not compromise with its concept at all. 

BMW did not just replace the power source with an electric one but completely redefined the idea. The design and the material of the new car is entirely new. After the creation of the chassis BMW decided a hybrid is a better option than a completely EV car.

According to BMW the core idea of the new vehicle was to create the best mix of a combustion engine and an electric battery. BMW did not want to put too much pressure simply on the batteries.

The batteries were supposed to have a 8 year warranty. So BMW decided the best course of action is to create an i8 hybrid. BMW has self-proclaimed the new i8 as the best package there is available. 

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