BMW Considering Production of 9 Series Coupe

Sources from Munich claim BMW is currently debating whether to produce a new 9 Series Coupe. The claims have also been made by the German magazine AutoZeitung. The magazine published an article which is on line which some of the claims made by sources.

The rumor mill has it the 9 Series Coupe will be based on the next generation Rolls Royce Phantom. The new 9 Series Coupe will also contain the CFRP in the passenger seats. The design of the 9 Series Coupe is still being worked on by BMW.

It’s safe to assume the new 9 Series Coupe will retain the Vision Future Luxury Concept. Another very prominent feature of the 9 Series Coupe is the addition of suicide doors. 

The interior of the new BMW 9 Series Coupe will contain all the high-tech of the new 7 Series. The interior will be a blend of high tech with the Vision Future Luxury Concept. Additionally all sorts of higher premium materials and trims will be added in the coupe.

BMWBlog sources also claim BMW wants to use an entirely new type of power system in the new car. The coupe will most probably feature a 3.0 liter turbocharged, petrol and diesel engine. The engine will also feature the V8 4.4 liter TwinTurbo. Similarly a hybrid version has also been planned. The hybrid version will be called the 940e. 


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