Ford Hires Dwayne Johnson for its New Ad Campaign

It seems like Ford Motors Co. Ltd has ‘The Rock’ on its side. Ford announced it has signed on the actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson, also known as ‘The Rock’. Johnson will appear in the next ad campaign for Ford Motors. The ad campaign will be aimed at promoting the dealership service department. Johnson has been signed on for a multi-year deal with Ford. 

The commercials featuring Johnson have already been filmed. The commercials will start running from the 12th of October. The commercial features Johnson along with a crew. The crew is called “The Specialists at Ford” and Johnson will be leading them.

In addition to the commercial, as part of his deal, Johnson will appear in many TV spots. According to Ford, a continuous stream of TV, radio, digital and social-media advertising will occur. All of the ads for Ford will feature Johnson. 

Johnson has long been a fan of Ford motors so signing him on seems like a good choice. Johnson is also known to already own three Ford vehicles. One of the vehicles is the F-150 pickup which Johnson has dubbed “the black gorilla.”

Johnson even calls himself a Ford guy and has always called his Ford cars his favorite out of his collection. Ford has called the alignment with Johnson a great partnership for them both.


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