Elon Musk Proclaims that Tesla Motors Autopilot Release is on Oct. 15

Starting Thursday, Tesla Model S owners can lean back and put their electric car into autopilot. Elon Musk announced over the weekend on Twitter that the new Tesla Version 7 software update will be released October 15.

Tesla Motors announced the autopilot functionality in August. Tesla’s autopilot will work with the help of a camera, radar and ultrasound sensors. The autopilot function will include alignment behind vehicles in all directions. Speed limit will be maintained with programmed adherence and emergency brakes. 

The complete feature set of the autopilot in Tesla Version 7 has not been unveiled yet. On Twitter, Musk answered some questions about Version 7. The non-autopilot will have a new interface too. More comprehensive UI update is coming with 7.1. 

Elon Musk also said that the autopilot parking feature will be included in Tesla Version 7.0, though incomplete. The autopilot will be able to drive into a garage to park by itself in version 7.1. 

The autopilot feature is the same on the Model S and Model X. Elon Musk has confirmed this on Twitter as well.

The new software update will be delivered as usual over the air. Model S owners and the first Model X costumers will be able to benefit from the new features. The current Model S software version is 6.2 and includes automatic notification of nearby charging locations, trip planning, automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning and valet mode. 

The average Tesla software update takes 45 minutes to complete. Tesla Motors recommends owners to connect the Model S to their home Wi-Fi network for the fastest possible download time.



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