Honda to Sale Hybrid Odyssey Absolute only in Japan

Honda Motor Co. just announced they will begin sales of 2 new Odyssey models. However the affordably-priced latest Odyssey models will only be available in Japan.

The new models in the Odyssey line-up are the Odyssey and Odyssey Absolute. The latest models are a hybrid version as well as a newly refreshed gasoline-powered version.

The vehicles will arrive on Friday, February 5, 2016 at dealerships across Japan. The hybrid version is both excellent fuel economy and high-quality driving to the Odyssey line-up.

The Odyssey and Odyssey Absolute have already been well-received for their spacious cabin. The new models have also been praised for their stately styling. The exhilarating yet stable driving experience is also noteworthy. 

The Odyssey Hybrid and Odyssey Hybrid Absolute are the first premium minivan models. The newly-added models are equipped with a revolutionary Honda-developed powertrain.

The Sport Hybrid i-MMD*1 has been added to the models. The powertrain has a class-topping fuel economy of 26.0 km/L. 

The new vehicles contain a new motor that features an innovative winding method and structure. The new Honda motor is approximately 23% smaller and lighter than the previous version.

Still the motor is able to deliver high torque and high output. In the hybrid models the lithium-ion battery is underneath the floor of the first-row seats.

So the high-quality and powerful driving does not compromising the uniquely spacious cabin. The AC of the hybrid is fully automatic and adopts the Plasmacluster 4 technology. Similarly the gasoline powered models feature the Honda SENSING as standard equipment.

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