Haas Unveils Its First F1 Car

Haas is the latest team by Formula 1 and they have finally released their first ever car. The official F1 car was released on Sunday before its first public running at Barcelona on Monday.

The new F1 car is a Ferrari-powered challenger. The car has been named VF-16 and was released after an effort of two years. The effort was carried out by the American outfit as it enters grand prix racing for the first time.

The name originally belonged to the first CNC machine manufactured by Haas Automation. The machine launched in 1988 was originally named the ‘VF-1’. The V in the name stands for vertical, an industry standard designation for a vertical mill.

Gene Haas is the founder of the Haas Automations. Gene Haas is responsible for adding the F1 to the car’s name. According to Gene Haas, the F1 is an unofficial designation of the company’s “Very First One”.

The VF-16 is not just powered by Ferrari but its production team has close technical collaboration with the Italian makers. The VF-16 therefore also uses the Maranello-outfit’s wind tunnel. The team behind the VF-16 also have a European headquarters are in Banbury.

The team boss is Guenther Steiner, who claims to MotoSport that their goal with this car is to score points. Steiner also commented first they need to go out there and show they can do the job.

When they have gained the respect by fans and other teams in the paddock, they score the points. The ultimate goal for the team is to score the points. The VF-16 will be raced by Esteban Gutierrez, who will return to F1 racing after a year as Ferrari test driver.

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