Tesla Model S Gets Plugless Charging Option

Plugless just started offering a wireless charging system for the Tesla Model S vehicle. Plugless by Evatran had previously been offering a wireless charging system for the Nissan LEAF and the Chevy Volt.

The system has been available on the Plugless site since 2013. Plugless is now taking orders for a Model S version charging system on its site. The wireless charging system will be available for delivery by April 2016.

The wireless charging system being offered is only compatible with the rear-wheel-drive Model S. But Plugless has ensured a solution for the all-wheel-drive Model S will be available later this year.

The charging system consists of a ground-mounted charging pad. The charging pad requires a dedicated 50-amp circuit and a vehicle-mounted unit. The unit for the charging system needs to be installed by a certified technician.

The Model S system charges at 7.2 kW. According to Plugless the system offers the same charging time as a 7.2 kW Level 2 corded charger.

In simpler words it means the charger provides 20 miles of range per hour charging to the Tesla Model S. Plugless is also offering a 3-year warranty on the charging system. 

Plugless site also promises to cover any costs if installing its system voids the Tesla warranty. Currently the Tesla Model S charging system does not have a price. The charging system for the Nissan LEAF costs $1,540, so the system for Tesla may be around the same or higher. 

Source: Plugless via ChargedEVS

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